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PupSnuggler Anxiety Relief Plush Dog Toy

PupSnuggler Anxiety Relief Plush Dog Toy

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Introducing the PupSnuggler Anxiety Relief Plush Dog Toy!

Elevate your furry friend's mood with the PupSnuggler – a revolutionary toy that brings comfort and relief to your beloved pet.

  • Replicates a Mother's Presence: The heart of the snuggler gently beats, mimicking a real heartbeat for a calming and familiar sound.
  • Integrated Warmer: Provides a cozy and warm embrace, reminding your dog of snuggling with their mother.
  • Natural Comfort: Perfect for puppies, anxious dogs, or pets dealing with separation anxiety.
  • Soft and Durable: Made with high-quality materials for emotional comfort and gentle play.

Give your dog the gift of comfort and companionship with the PupSnuggler – their new best friend for those times when they need extra love and reassurance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Yousef zulfiqar
Hump trump

This plushie is my dog’s favorite hump toy. I’d rather have him hump this than my leg.

The smell

I love this product it’s just that the smell after a while is a little bit off throwing.

Ahmed S.
Nostalgia trip

One of my dogs had to be put down recently and my other dog has been really sad recently missing his best friend, but I bought this plushy and my little boy has been snuggling with it ever since cause it reminds him of his bestfriend. I love this purchase.


honestly fast shipping and very good product, 5 stars


very nice thanks!

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